Welcome to HQ Marketplace! We are committed to providing a safe and high-quality platform for buyers and sellers. To maintain a positive and trustworthy environment, we have established the following Content & Image Guidelines. Please read these carefully before creating and uploading any content on our marketplace.
Content Guidelines
Accurate and Honest Representation

Ensure that all product listings, descriptions, and information provided are accurate, truthful, and transparent.
Do not use deceptive language or misleading information.

Prohibited Content:
Content that violates intellectual property rights, including copyrights and trademarks, is strictly prohibited. Illegal or prohibited items and services are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to weapons, illegal substances, and items encouraging illegal activities.
Respectful and Inclusive Content:

Avoid content that is offensive, discriminatory, or promotes hate speech.
Respect diverse cultures, religions, and identities. Do not use content that may be considered culturally insensitive.

Quality Standards:

Upload high-quality images and provide clear, detailed product descriptions. Refrain from using blurry, pixelated, or misleading images.

Privacy and Security:
Do not share personal information in product listings or images. Respect user privacy and adhere to data protection laws and regulations.
Prohibited Practices:

Do not engage in fraudulent or deceptive practices, such as fake reviews, click fraud, or any form of manipulation.

Image Guidelines
High-Quality Images:
Upload clear and well-lit images that accurately represent the product. Images should showcase different angles and details to help buyers make informed decisions.
Correctly Sized Images:
Follow recommended image size guidelines to ensure consistency across the marketplace. Avoid stretched or distorted images.
Watermarks and Logos:
Watermarks and logos should be minimal and non-intrusive, ensuring they do not obstruct the view of the product.
Multiple Product Listings:
If selling multiple items, use separate images for each product rather than combined images. This helps avoid confusion.
Authenticity and Originality:

Do not use stock images unless explicitly allowed. Provide genuine images of the actual product being sold.

No Offensive or Inappropriate Imagery:
Images should not contain offensive, explicit, or inappropriate content.
Enforcement of Guidelines
Violations of these guidelines may result in the removal of content, warnings, or account suspension. Repeated violations may lead to permanent account closure. Our goal is to create a marketplace that is trustworthy, respectful, and enjoyable for everyone.
Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining the high standards of HQ Marketplace! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team.