At HQ Marketplace, we are committed to fostering a safe and trustworthy environment for our users. To maintain the integrity of our platform and ensure the well-being of our community, we have established a comprehensive Prohibited and Restricted Products Policy. This policy outlines the types of products that are strictly forbidden and those that are subject to certain restrictions on our marketplace.

Prohibited Products

The following products are strictly prohibited on HQ Marketplace. Any attempt to list, sell, or facilitate the sale of these items will result in immediate action, including but not limited to account suspension and removal of the listing

Illegal or Stolen Items

Any products that are obtained through illegal means or are reported as stolen are strictly prohibited.

Hazardous Materials

Products that pose a risk to health, safety, or the environment, including but not limited to explosives, flammable items, and toxic substances.

Counterfeit or Unauthorized Items

Any products that infringe on intellectual property rights, trademarks, or copyrights are not allowed. This includes counterfeit goods and unauthorized replicas.

Weapons and Firearms

The sale of firearms, ammunition, and other weapons is strictly prohibited to ensure the safety of our users.

Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

Any substances that are illegal, prescription medications without proper authorization, and products making false health claims are not permitted.

Adult Content

Products that contain explicit adult content or are intended for sexual purposes are prohibited.

Restricted Products

Certain products may be subject to restrictions to ensure compliance with local laws, regulations, and community standards. Sellers must adhere to these guidelines when listing and selling the following restricted products:


Sellers must comply with local regulations regarding the sale and shipping of alcoholic beverages.

Tobacco and E-cigarettes

The sale of tobacco products and e-cigarettes may be subject to age restrictions and compliance with local laws.

Prescription Medications

Sellers must adhere to legal requirements and provide appropriate documentation when selling prescription medications.

Endangered Species and Wildlife Products

The sale of products made from endangered species or wildlife is subject to strict regulations.

Recalled Products

Sellers must not list products that have been recalled by regulatory authorities.


To enforce this policy, HQ Marketplace employs a combination of automated tools, manual review processes, and collaboration with relevant authorities. Sellers found in violation of this policy may face consequences, including account suspension, listing removal, and legal action if necessary.

We appreciate the cooperation of our sellers and buyers in maintaining a secure and trustworthy marketplace. By adhering to these guidelines, we can collectively create a positive and responsible trading environment at HQ Marketplace.